Our school conducted the fifth Erasmus process called Doll Has a Soul. Mobility took place in Çukurova Kindergarten, which is affiliated with the Directorate of National Education in our province with the participation of partner countries.Within the scope of the project, it was aimed to spread the project from the sites where e-twinning, EBA, etc.share related to education, from the Provincial Directorate of National Education, school websites. Within the scope of the project, a puppet museum was constructed in Çukurova kindergarten. With the guidance of the teachers in charge of the project, the school’s parents, students, teachers and support training personnel and around 500 trainers were built in the Puppet Museum. At the same time, puppets belonging to the Legends of project partner countries were included in the museum. Within the scope of the project, the students were introduced to the history, culture, legends and educational programs used by the project partner countries in their schools. In the educational programs carried out in our school, applications for the purposes of the project are also included.

If a few of the applications are to be exemplified, examples such as establishing a link between the puppet-mathematics-legend and giving place to innovative mathematics applications can be counted.

                In the museum we founded in our school, a legend of our seven geographical regions was displayed through puppets.

             The presentation of the puppet museum as a basis for good examples in the education carried out by the Ministry of National Education was made to the relevant departments of the ministry. Puppet museum will open its doors to its visitors for the duration of the training activities.