It was now time to find out more about Konjice! Where is it located on the map? Let’s spot it! Which other cities and villages are nearby, which are their popular tourist attractions, what language do people speak there and what do the children do in their free time?

 We presented the legend of Konjice with the help of the horrible dragon. He showed us the envelopes with the various material that arrived last year at our school from the Kindergarten of Konjice, Slovenia. He introduced the symbols of the myth, helped the children to form speculations about the main points of the myth and focused on the hard moments the dragon gave to the people of the town. Luckily, George helped them handle the very difficult situation and finally the dragon was defeated and they lived happily ever after!

 We played games with mathematical content and then the children wanted to visualize the events of the myth. This time they decided to make the figures with different fabrics. They had several ideas about their construction, measured and counted and compared, drew the outlines, cut, stuicked, painted. The six girls, the horse, George, the dragon, the natural landscape, all were there in front of us, made by the hands of the children!