Looking forward to our next visit to Dobrna, Slovenia in early February, we wanted to engage our students in learning about the two cities of the country participating in the “Doll Has a Soul” project. We decided to find out more, first about Dobrna and then about Konjice.

We searched for information on the Internet. We located Dobrna on a digital map, discovered the morphology of the landscape, learned what the weather is like there in this point of the year, watched videos with information about the village. The children then discovered the contents of the envelopes sent to us last year by the Kindergarten of Dobrna. The central figure, the Queen-Snake of the Castle, was presented to them and she narrated the myth. The children found out about the symbols, made assumptions and predictions, compared the Queen with Sahmeran from Adana, gave their own explanations and became involved in mathematical activities. Of course, they also played puppet theater! Then, working together in small groups and based on their personal ideas and the information they got from various books, they made the castle and the figures in their own way. They used recyclable and natural materials (cotton balls, wooden sticks from the garden, waste paper) and made a painting for the Princess and the Queen-Snake and the Beggar, who with his whistle saved the kingdom.